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Malaysia Internet Business Summit 2014

July 15th, 2014

Lately, more and more businesses are turning online as their first choice to kickstart their business. However, just like any other businesses, some flourish, some don’t. What are the challenges? How to overcome the challenges? How to be the best in the industry that you’re in? What are the new technologies needed to keep up with the fast-developing e-business industry?

Introducing a conference you will not want to miss (especially if you have an e-commerce business or planning to have one) — Malaysia Internet Business Summit 2014!

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The Malaysia Internet Business Summit 2014 is a conference that will be gathering experienced industry leaders and key players to provide insights to the current situations, challenges and advancements relating to online business. It is also a program to offer valuable techniques and advice, with the objective to enhance the capacity of online business.

Date: 15th to 16th October 2014 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time : 9am – 6pm
Venue: One World Hotel, Bandar Utama City Centre, Malaysia

This conferenece is going to be the first in its series, and will witness speakers from the giants of the online/e-commerce industry, like Twitter, Zalora, EasyTaxi, iProperty, i-Pmart, HiShop, Reebonz, Singapore Post, FoodPanda, PrestoMart and WeChat to name a few.

It’s going to be a fulfilling 2 days event, discussing hot topics revolving the e-business environment, like :

Real Online Business Experience Sharing
Digital Marketing/Mobile Marketing
Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimization & Social Media Marketing
Payment Gateway
Online Business Taxation & Legal Issues
Market Place & Daily Deal
Online Booking and E-Ticketing Systems

Registration is opened and if you’re quick enough, you will be able to get your ticks at Early Bird price! This conference is also HRDF claimable, so what are you waiting for? Learn from the masters of e-business and sign up now at

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Exabytes Movie Day, KL – TQ for Your Enthusiastic Participation!

July 3rd, 2014

my-transformer-movieday-may2014-4Transformers 4 is no doubt one of the Super Awesome Movies of 2014, and you would never expect the ending.

WARNING: May contain spoilers.

Like Optimus Prime riding T-Rex in the scene, it got us all heart-pumping. We do hope you had a great time watching Transformers 4 with us. No doubt there are more new characters in this installment, who’s your favorite?

Mine is Megatron!

Exabytes Movie Day KL has come to a perfect wrap. Here we would like to extend our gratitude to you who joined us at the event.

Thank You Very Much for your attendance and we hope you enjoyed watching it! We know we did. =D



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Exabytes Durian Festival 2014

June 25th, 2014

Date: 22-Jun-2014

Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: Gertak Sanggul Finshing Stage, Penang

Durian festival is here! “Exabytes Durian Feast with Tech Start-Ups” was held last Sunday in Gertak Sanggul Fishing Village, Penang. Enthusiastic Exabees and tech start-ups shared their love for durians and other delicious fruits together in the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Durian A

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Exabytes Designer Club’s (EDC) First Gathering @ Kaffa Espresso Bar Penang

June 9th, 2014

Date: 05-June-2014
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Penang International Airport

5th June 2014 marks a new milestone for Exabytes. Exabytes Designer Club (EDC), a community initiative program by Exabytes to target like-minded designers had organized its very first gathering for EDC members.





Experienced web designers, freelancers and even students turned up for this special event.




The event started at 6:00pm but a few enthusiastic attendees had arrived earlier to get themselves prepared for this exciting event! The crowd started to size up from 6:00pm onward. After completing their registration, participants were immediately served with delicious dinner prepared by Kaffa Cafe.



The event officially kicked off at 7:00PM with a welcome speech by Vickson Tan, the project leader of Exabytes Designer Club. This was then followed by the presentation of Mr. Hussin Khan.

It’s Mr. Hussin’s show time!


Mr. Hussin greeted the audience with a self-introduction. He is well known for being an Adobe Certified Instructor and the master trainer in HKVFX – Visual Effects Training, the Certified Nuke Training Centre and Adobe Authorized Training Centre based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. In a nutshell, a highly skilled and experienced guru in visual effect and Adobe Photoshop.


It was a surprise to a lot of attendees that our speaker had contributed in many Hollywood movies’ visual effect production, including the very famous one that won the Best Visual Effect at Oscar 2013 – Life of Pi.

After the incredible self introduction, he started the ball rolling by telling us the latest Adobe updates and also sharing some amazing benefits of using Adobe Photoshop.

The atmosphere got livelier when Mr. Hussin shared special tricks which were incredibly handy and could make a designer’s life easier. The session became even more engaging as speakers and participants interact with each other during the process.

Soon the Q&A session followed. Next, it’s the much anticipated Lucky Draw!

Congrats to our lucky participant. Mr Tham Weng San who won a unit of power bank sponsored by Exabytes.


Finally, the event came to a perfect close. EDC’s leader Vickson was seen giving a complimentary gift to Mr. Hussin as an appreciation for his kindness in sharing with us his knowledge. Once again, thank you Mr. Hussin! We would like to express our gratitude to Verisign for their support to this event as well.


The first EDC gathering was truly a successful one and we are certainly looking forward to the next gathering which is happening soon!!!!!

If you are a web designer, or simply love design, what are you waiting for? Sign up to become an EDC member now! More rewarding gathering and events are on their way!

Sign up NOW (Absolutely FREE!)

EDC Facebook Group:

Till then, cheers :-)



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Successful Cloud Business Model with Exabytes 2014

May 26th, 2014

Event: Successful Cloud Business Model with Exabytes

Date: 21-May-2014

Time: 9.00am – 2.00pm

Venue: Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South

One of the major events of the year “Successful Cloud Business Model with Exabytes” had successfully kick-started in the beautiful morning of 21 May. The joyous Exabees were delighted to meet over 110 enthusiastic participants, with some of them showing up as early as 8.00 am. The momentous event was organized by Exabytes and we were extremely thankful for the support rendered by MDeC and OnApp (


The day began at 8.00 am sharp; 10 Exabees arrived at the venue for an early event setup. A light breakfast which started 30 minutes later was there to greet our early risers. As the clock struck 9, the entire hall was packed with the participants who waited eagerly for the welcome remarks by CEO and founder of Exabytes, Mr. Chan Kee Siak and Ms Susan from MDeC.

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Exabytes Team Building 2014 @ Sedim Recreational Park – Day 2

May 14th, 2014

Exabytes Team Building 2014 @ Sedim Recreational Park – Day 1

May 7th, 2014


Date: 26-27 April 2014

Venue: Sedim Recreational Park in Kulim, Kedah.

Number of Exabees: 76

Last month, Exabees swarmed Sedim Recreational Park, a true sanctuary located in Kulim, Kedah for a 2-Day 1-Night Team Building, which was held from 26 to 27, April 2014.

Our journey to the beautiful destination started at 10.30am, with 76 of us departed from Exabytes HQ at Suntech @ Penang Cybercity. The exciting 2-hour journey took us to the designated drop off point, a parking place near to Sedim Recreational Park.

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Exabytes @ Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014

April 1st, 2014

Internet Business Summit is like Saturday meet up with new friends, but in a much bigger scale. You interact with great people who enjoy your companionship and at the same time gain extra networking and knowledge.

This is exactly the composition of Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014. Through inspiring speeches as well as spectacular Q&A forum session, even Malaysia’s e-Commerce heavyweights such as Exabytes CEO KS Chan and the Exabee who joined this event were extremely excited to meet and learn from Taiwan’s famous e-Commerce guru cum PCHOME founder Mr. Jan Hung-Tze. Jan’s incredible insights and teachings on Internet business was beyond rewarding to all of us.



Held on Saturday, 29 March 2014, the proud organizer of Taiwan Internet and E-commerce Association, and Purple Cane, a Chinese tea leaves, teapot and accessories provider in Malaysia, along with the support of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) had marked the success of Malaysia-Taiwan Internet Business Summit 2014 at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Ballroom.


Exabytes being the co-organizer of this remarkable summit together with its subsidiary set up a booth to promote not only its proud hosting services and e-Commerce solutions, but also to hype up the whole ambience by giving away goodie bags that consisted of Exabytes notepads as well as Cloud Market and EasyCorner booklets.


What’s more, we also had the chance to pop by and witness the impressive speeches by some of the big shots of Taiwanese e-Commerce industry particularly Mr. Jan Hung-Tze.

As we settled ourselves in the core of the ballroom, Mr. Jan, who is also the president of Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TIEA) dished out nuggets of wisdom on how to craft a successful business and unselfishly shared on his comprehension on Internet Business.


The crowd went ‘Uhhh and Waa’ while Jan shared his past experience, pinpointed the challenges and encounters that one might face while battling the hard tides of owning a successful business. We were not only overwhelmed by Jan’s precious sharing which was fun and charismatic, but also at other speakers’ unconditional contributions and sharing of their own experiences and knowledge in e-commerce, mobile commerce, and app business.


One of the noticeable is speakers Mr. Chen Han Lin, the founder and CEO of EZ Table who owns a 24-hour online restaurant reservation system with over 500 luxury restaurant partnerships in both Taiwan and China emphasized on the expertise on how to recognize potential partners as well as creating a win-win business opportunities. The crowd was amused by his energetic speech on his hilarious but somehow brilliant business philosophy.

Not to forget Benjamin Tseng, the founder and CEO of PubGame, a renowned game publisher in Taiwan that has over 1 million members. Benjamin shared his visions on the future mobile game market in Asia, which had been extremely fulfilling in the recent decades.

The enthusiastic mood heightened when Jan announced his possible future visits to Malaysia again for brainstorming and interaction sessions with his Malaysian counterparts, alongside a team of Taiwanese Internet and E-commerce professionals. Finally, everyone left the ballroom with a satisfied smile on their faces, with more knowledge gained than what was expected.

Finally, everyone left the ballroom with a satisfied smile on their faces, with more knowledge gained than what was expected.

And last but not least, here’s a picture of Exabytes CEO with Mr Jan. Exabytes is certainly looking forward to meeting with this Taiwan e-commerce superstar again!


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Exabytes Bowling Championship 2013

January 11th, 2014

Date: 7 December 2013
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue: Sunshine Premium Lane

36 brave souls marched into the core of Sunshine Premium Lane in the morning of 7 December 2013, with hope to bring back the crown of Exabytes Bowling Championship 2013.

Let’s see which bowling ball brings me luck *searching*

And of course, the brave souls were us, the Exabees! Before kick starting the whole bowling battle, the head of Sunshine Premium Lane briefed us on the do’s and don’ts of bowling. Then it was time to pick our personal helper, a pair of bowling shoes!  

Our handsome helpers!

Although there was the presence of another company hosting the same event that day, we Exabees did our thing and lifted up the whole atmosphere with our high-spirit roars and cheers. Everyone had a smile on his or her face and laughter was constantly heard!

Time to show my girl power!

Despite all the laughter and smiles, all brave Exabees strived hard to show their skills and abilities to surpass not only their competitors but also participants of the other company.

I’m so going to strike this round!

Thanks to the great effort of Exabytes in preparing free drinks, all battlers were able to replenish their tired souls before entering the second round of bowling battle.

*Gulp gulp* need more power, so drink more!

Sweat and hard work could be seen throughout the ‘bowling battle’ and everyone was so into the game. Midway towards winning, one of the brave souls, Jia Ee was injured and substituted by a pro female battler, Raevon’s girlfriend. However, such injuries did not weary their roaring spirits.

Time to unleash my inner qi.

After a hard battle of 3 hours, the end finally came around 12PM, and that was when cash vouchers were presented to compliment the winning team.

Now call us awesome! ^^ (3rd Prize)

Woot woot, we won too! =) (2nd Prize)

You know we are the best. *smiles* (1st Prize)

Exabees continued cheering and congratulating the winning team, despite the sweat and variation of scores. It was indeed an awesome day for all of us! Last but not least, thank you very much again for the hard work of our organizing committee. Exabees rule!


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Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013 – Day 2

December 12th, 2013

The alarm buzzed off at 5.30am and just like the day before, we got up excitedly to get ready and learn together with the participants, the tips and tricks in e-commerce at Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013. Just like the day before, the participants were served light refreshment such as muffins and coffees before the event began to wake their senses. During this time, the participants also had the chance to network among themselves while exchanging thoughts on the knowledge shared on the day before.



As soon as the clock stroke 9am, the MC once again welcomed the crowd for attending the event, and to kickstart the day, invited Mr Felix from to recap the topics that were shared the day before. Once Mr Felix was done recapping the topics, the conference started with a forum discussion on The Evolution of Malaysia Delivery Supply Chain. The forum was moderated by Mr Clarence from Easy Venture, and the panelists were Dr Teo from Skynet as well as Mr Richard from This session was rather interesting and was getting many participation from the participants, as we all knew, timely shipping goes hand in hand with good e-commerce.





After the Q&A session, the conference was brought to a short tea break to allow the participants to refresh themselves before coming back and absorb even more tips and tricks from the e-commerce gurus. Once the participants came back from the short tea break, the conference continued with a talk by a special guest from Packet One Network, Mr Kelvin Lee who spoke on the topic Hosted Voice & 1-700-Numbers  for Business Owners. In this topic, Mr Kelvin explained the importance of having mobile internet connection at all times, especially when one is running an online business.


After that, the conference continued with a panel forum that brought together speakers from Cari, as well as Advertlets, Mr Josh Lim and moderated by a representative from PiPR, Ms Ting Ting. It was an interesting discussion, as they discussed the Digital Media’s Role in Malaysia eCommerce Industries. In the discussion, it was clear that digital media played a big role in the e-commerce industry nowadays and it is predicted to grow even bigger by year 2014.


The session ended just in time as our tummy growled. All the concentration and cold hall were definitely making our tummies hungry! When the MC called out for a lunch, without waiting any longer, we dove in the array of food selection prepared by the GMKL Hotel chefs. They were so yummy, we even saw the participants helped themselves, servings after servings! When our tummies couldn’t take anymore in, we were called back by the MC to resume the conference.

The next talk was about Why Users Leave Your Website, a very insightful talk given by our special guest, Mr Alvin from Netizen Testing. In his presentation, he shared the factors that made site visitors to leave your website and ways to make them stay longer.


Once Mr Alvin was done, the conference continued with the slot that everybody was waiting for — Shooting a Good Photo and Video for Your Online Business. As we all know, when it comes to online business, no one can deny the importance of a good photography. With good photography, an ordinary product can turn out looking extraordinary with just the right angle and right amount of lighting. With us during the event, were renowned speakers that are professionals in the photography/videography field — Mr Vickson from as the moderator, Ms Venus Khor from Rising One Media, Mr Teck Siong from and Mr KJ from Chase a Light. Before the conference really started, Mr KJ, who’s a yo-yo enthusiast, even entertained us all with his yo-yo performance that definitely got all sleepy eyes snapped open! :D




During the Photography session also, Mr Teck didn’t forget to share the tricks to taking good product picture to put in your website. According to him, the key to a good product photography for your website is by placing the product in a white box with lights shining through it. Don’t forget to make a few holes at the box for maximum effect too. The lights that shine through will help soften the harsh direct light from the lighting source.

After the photography session, the participants were once again being wow-ed by the next speaker, Mr Hussin Khan from Certified Adobe Trainer who demonstrated Photoshop Quick Tips for Beginners. He demonstrated how to remove an object in a picture with just a few clicks, and the object disappeared — just like a magic show! :P After Mr Hussin’s captivating demonstration, the conference was again brought to a short break to allow the participants to refresh themselves.

Once we were all refreshed, the conference continued with a talk given by our special guest, Mr Chan Kok Long from iPay88 on the topic, Preventing Online Payment Fraud Effectively.


Shortly after Mr Chan’s talk, the conference continued on with a panel forum on the topic Online Shopping Trend in Malaysia, highlighting speakers like Mr Shaun Lee from Milk-A-Deal, Mr Wong from Jackcow, Mr Clement from Easy Discount and moderated by Mr Jun King from Astar Alpha.




After 2 days of discussing about the importance of having online business, the success stories, SEO and the marketing part of it, came the very last slot that got everybody waiting — exactly HOW they want to start their online business? Together with us to elaborate more on the issure, were speakers from Mr Jason from Brigidwellnes, Mr Mike from OfficeSpace2u and moderated by Mr Felix from



With the end of the slot, marked the end of Day 2 and the end of Exabytes eCommerce Conference as a whole. Before we wrapped the event, Mr Chan Kee Siak came up the stage to give his closing speech and to officially end the 2-day conference.

Needless to say, it was a very successful event, all thanks to the Exabees that worked really hard to pull this event together. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors — AIMS, Packet One Network (P1), MOLPay, Netizen Testing, IP Pintas, GHL Systems, iPay88 and supported by Digital Malaysia, for making this event possible. We hoped everyone enjoyed and benefited from this event, and we do hope to see more of you in our Exabytes eCommerce Conference event, next year! Until then, go e-commerce, go online!


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