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.Asia Domain – Spread Your Name Across Asia

September 27th, 2012

It is the BEST time to register a .Asia Domain as Exabytes is now having a HUGE promo which is the SUPER BUNDLE Package that includes Sitelock and Instant Backup for only RM39.90.That is 3 products for the price of RM39.90 when the actual value of this 3 product is RM207.00. You save up to RM167!!!

GRAB your .Asia domain NOW to protect your business identity and prevent it from being stolen! Build your brand name before your closest rival manipulate your business domain and affect your sales conversion rates in one of the fastest growing market in the world, Asia.


What is .Asia Domain ?

.ASIA is a Domain Extension sponsored by DotAsia Organisation. It is also a regional domain for companies, organizations and individuals that specifically have a target demographic market based in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.


What happens if Someone Has Registered Your .Asia Domain?

- Your competitors may steal your business.
- Someone may cybersquat on your domain and sell it back to you at a much higher price in the future.
*Cybersquat: Registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark.
- The domain owner may ruin your business by publishing illegal or nasty content with your domain.
- Your branding and business reputation may be adversely affected.
- Loss of potential clients, web traffic, market & reputation.


Benefits of Having Your .Asia Domain

- Establish Connection And Build Your Identity
Increase affinity as well as a sense of belonging with Asian customers and build a strong business identity within the Asian community.

 - Create Your Presence And Mutual Agreement
Build trust in customers from various fast growing Asia markets and greatly increase your sales conversion rate.

 - Secure Your Branding And Extend Your Reach
Protect your company brand from being misused by third parties and improve search engine rankings for searches related to Asia.


Big Brands Already Secured Their .Asia Domains

When big brands like Air Asia, IBM, Dell, Facebook and many others already secured their .Asia Domains because of the huge potential they see in Asia.So why are you still holding back? You can maximize your own potential with some of the .Asia domain.

For example:


Act FAST to prevent your .Asia Domain from being GRABBED by your competitor or some ill-intentioned cybersquatters! Get your Super Bundle for only RM39.90 !!!


Promo details:
Promotion deadline:  27 Sept – 31 Oct 2012
Discount: Save up to RM167 for .Asia Domain, Sitelock and InstantBackup
For more info:


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SiteLock Is Like a House Alarm System!

September 26th, 2012

What happens when you forget to close your house door? The outcome might be devastating as thieves or other ill-intentioned people will take the advantage to break in and steal valuables from your home.

A website without SiteLock is similar to a house without an alarm system! Moreover, since hacking directed to steal your customers’ financial / personal details is usually automated, a website without SiteLock is even MORE VULNERABLE than a house without an alarm system!

Similarities between SiteLock and a house alarm:

A house alarm SiteLock
1 When a house is installed with an alarm, it will ring / alert the house owner if the door is not closed properly.  If SiteLock finds any weakness or vulnerability which exposes the website to hacking in the future, it will alert the website owner via email and SiteLock control panel. 
2 With this alert, house owner will need to take action to close and lock the door properly so that it does not give thieves the advantage to break in.  With SiteLock, website owner will need to log into SiteLock control panel to fix the vulnerability.
3 There are possibilities that the house owner did not lock the door properly and still there is no break-in. Even if an alarm system is installed, it will not be able to prevent break-ins completely; but it definitely helps to reduce the possibilities.  If website owners follow the instructions to fix vulnerabilities, the possibilities of hacking will reduce significantly. Even if SiteLock is installed, it does NOT guarantee that the website will not be hacked.

SiteLock works wonders in protecting your website and the P&C information of your customers. It ALERTS you whenever your website has vulnerabilities by recommending all the solutions you need to keep the risk of being attacked to the minimum.

Last but not least, it helps to increase your online sales as whenever the sign of SiteLock is spotted on a website, customers know that they can shop with confidence and a piece of mind!

Get SiteLock for your website today!


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Basic SEO Workshop – Learn From A Selfless Sharing By An SEO Guru!

September 26th, 2012

Date: 22 September 2012
Venue: SEGi University College, Kota Damansara

Basic SEO Workshop was successfully held with the enthusiastic involvement of our eager participants!

The sharing from Mr. Francis Lui was fantastic! The feedback was unanimously marked at “Excellent” and “Very Good”! Now we are pleased to share the important points presented by Mr. Francis during the 3-hour session!

 basic seo

1. The coming trend of Search Engine Optimization is no longer how many backlinks our websites gain, but the social engagement with people. The new definition of SEO has become “SEO²”, which is known as:

Search Engine Optimization ; and
Social Engagement Optimization

The faster and better your products/services/comments go viral via the social network platform, the higher chances to gain better rankings in search engine results. Advanced SEO Bootcamp will show you the example of Social Engagement sites.

2. Keywords or keyphrases are the crucial element in determining Conversion Rates. Long-tailed keywords (or keyphrases) help in converting web traffic to sales, while short-tailed keywords (or keyphrases) attract your competitors to view your website.

So how can you construct the keyphrases that best describe your services/products? The answer will be revealed at the upcoming Advanced SEO Bootcamp!

3. Content is KING! Quality content is very important to ensure your site rankings in search engine results. Plagiarism is a No No in content developing.

And that’s the reason why Google algorithm such as Google Panda and Google Penguin were developed – to punish copycats and keywords spamming websites. There are some rules you ought to follow, and Mr. Francis will reveal the Golden Rules at the upcoming Advanced SEO Bootcamp.

Other Important Points:

  • Domain authority
  • Author profile
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Nofollow
  • Sitemaps
  • Webmaster Tool
  • Quality Followers
  • Brand Signal
  • Web Security (SSL)
  • Meta data (H1, H2 and H3 metatags)
  • Anchor text
  • Measuring your site popularity
  • Bing + Facebook
  • Google Plus, etc.

Since having a website is a MUST to every business, are you making full use of your website to generate leads and income? Join Advanced SEO Bootcamp to find out from a selfless Guru!

ONLY 2 Seats Left! Register NOW!

Advanced SEO by Exabytes



Presentation slides of Mr. Francis Lui are available for download now. Click here to download.

basic seo by exabytes and nexus



Excellent talk and informative! ~Allan Tan (Messaging 360)

The session was very informative and visionary. Mr. Francis Lui’s in-depth expertise and knowledge was beneficial to a young start-up like us. ~Oh Feng Ming, Alan (Strategica Consulting & Training Services)

Good information. ~Vijay Kumar (Ezcards Dot Biz)

Insightful & updating my view on social media marketing & SEO. ~Sherly (GB Gerakbudaya)

Knowledgeable, feel speaker willing to share. ~Kent (Ugrow IT Solutions)

I’m new in SEO, very good those new’s like me. ~Mohd Zamri Md. Jamil (Tunjang Resources)


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50% Discount on SG Flexi Cloud Nodes NOW!

September 25th, 2012

Right after the half price promo of Flexi Cloud Node in US Data Center, Exabytes is now offering 50% discount on the Flexi Cloud Nodes in SG Data Center!

If you wanted to upgrade to cloud hosting but is still in the considering stage, this is your BEST chance to make a decision!

Likewise, this special promotion is applicable to all types of subscription periods; customers just need to key in the promo code: MYSGCloud50 at checkout to enjoy this massive discount.

Don’t miss this chance again! Prices will revert to normal from 30 September onwards. Hurry! Check it out TODAY!

Promo details:

Promotion period: 25 – 30 September
Promo code: MYSGCloud50
Discount: 50% OFF
For more info: 


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Exabytes-MDeC pact to bring the cloud to MSC companies

September 23rd, 2012

Exabytes-MDeC pact to bring the cloud to MSC companies

Source: Digital News Asia

Date: 27-Jun-2012




Exabytes Wishes You Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

September 20th, 2012

On the night with a full moon, we at Exabytes offer you our heartfelt wishes and blessings. May the Mid-Autumn Festival bring you great health and happiness!

The Mid-Autumn Festival aka the Mooncake Festival is not only a popular harvest festival celebrated in the Chinese culture, for many people, it is also a joyous occasion for family reunions and the savoring of mouth watering traditional delicacies such as mooncakes, Chinese tea , etc.

In this special occasion, why not send your warm wishes to your loved ones together with a box of delicious mooncakes? Ordering and sending haven’t been easier with “ Mooncakes Bonanza”!

Check out our fantastic offer NOW including free delivery!

Once again, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to Everybody.

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Flexi Cloud Nodes Huge Promo – Half the Price, FULL Benefits!

September 19th, 2012


Breaking News


Exabytes Flexi Cloud Nodes hosted in the US data center is NOW 50% OFF! As the hosting provider to offer the first full fledged cloud hosting in Malaysia, Exabytes offers cloud hosting packages hosted in multi locations, namely the US, Singapore, Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Are you currently a user of cloud hosting hosted in Malaysia? If it is so, this is the BEST time to try out an additional cloud hosting in the US and get most value out of hosting in a US data center.

This special promotion is applicable to all types of subscription periods; customers just need to key in the promo code: MYRCloud50 at checkout to enjoy the huge discount.

So Act FAST! Prices will revert to normal from 25 September onwards. Don’t wait! Check it out NOW!

Promo details:

Promotion period: 19 – 24 September
Promo code: MYRCloud50
Discount: 50% OFF
For more info:



Exabytes Help in Expanding Cloud Hosting in Malaysia

September 17th, 2012

MDeC tambah rakan niaga

Source: Berita Harian

Date: 27-Jul-2012


Exabytes and MDeC: Accelerating the Cloud

September 16th, 2012

Exabytes and MDeC: Accelerating the Cloud

Source: Enterprise IT News Portal

Date: 26-Jun-2012



Advanced SEO Bootcamp – Update

September 14th, 2012

exabytes advanced seo bootcamp




Many have missed the Basic SEO workshop; do you want to miss out on another golden opportunity to master advanced SEO skills? Seats for Advanced SEO Bootcamp are SELLING FAST, have you registered yourselves?

The Facilitator, Mr. Francis Lui, a highly experienced SEO practitioner and an invited speaker at the recent Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2012 will ensure you learn the valuable SEO skills to the fullest. Check out his selfless sharing at the event!

This is only a part of his sharing on SEO. More topics will be covered, such as:

  • Keyword selection & analysis
  • How to create SEO rich content
  • Critical on-page optimization factors and meta data
  • Implementation of best practice SEO web design, copywriting and site architecture
  • Tracking and measuring SEO success
  • The use of Social Media & Video to drive targeted traffic
  • How to increase click-through rates
  • How to make your site more relevant
  • How to identify the best keywords for your site
  • Understanding PageRank and how to increase link popularity

We apologize if you did not get to attend the Basic SEO workshop on 22 September 2012 (Saturday). However, do grab the opportunity to learn at the upcoming Advanced SEO Bootcamp! You will accelerate your learning curve on online marketing and learn to draft you online marketing road map the right way.

Mark your calendar:
Date: 6 October 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Venue: Cititel Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Advanced SEO by Exabytes



Attend and Contribute!
The facilitator will donate all the profits derived from the Advanced SEO Bootcamp to the school building fund of SMJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh. While you are learning, you too are giving back to the society.

We shall see your website listed at the top of search engine results after the Bootcamp!


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